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Professional Wedding Photography
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Author:  travid31 [ July 2nd, 2017, 5:59 am ]
Post subject:  Professional Wedding Photography

Hello there,

Here are four compelling reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer as opposed to your budding photographer friend.

1. Commitment

Professionals are bound by a legal contract, so they’re guaranteed to show up on your big day, no matter what the weather is. They can’t flake out on you like a friend (and they won’t) because they’re obligated by the contract to be there unless you say otherwise. In the case of emergencies, they’re sure to have someone who’s also a professional to come as their replacement.

2. Experience

Professionals have spent thousands of hours photographing weddings. They know how to sneak a shot of the bride and groom’s mothers looking at the couples with tears in their eyes. They know when the bride will pull that blissful smile in her face. They know when to take a shot of the groom looking at her with so much love and overflowing excitement. They know how to get the best shots even in tricky lighting. They’re capable of all these because they’ve got more than enough experience with weddings — something your “budding photographer” friend obviously don’t have.

3. Outstanding Results

Professionals photograph weddings for a living, so you can be assured that they’ll strive to give you the best results to make you satisfied and recommend them to your friends and family members. It’s a motivation that your friend with a good camera won’t have.

4. Assurance

Professionals have seen the worst and are prepared for it. They have a backup camera, batteries, and memory cards with them so in case something happens with the gear they’re currently using, they won’t miss taking photos of any important part of your wedding. Knowing this can help you feel assured and excited at the same time because you know you have awesome photographs to look forward to.


Author:  Blake McKinley [ July 3rd, 2017, 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Professional Wedding Photography

Then again, your friends probably don't troll forums with spam for a company 6 thousand kilometers away.

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