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 Post subject: does PEI have pro bono lawyers or subsidy?
PostPosted: October 3rd, 2016, 12:07 am 
Newly Created Account

Joined: October 2nd, 2016, 9:57 pm
Posts: 2
Alright, I really need someones advice
My father in-law died in June his official cause of death is Undetermined Please take the time to read this and tell me what your thoughts are to go about getting answers and holding the hospital accountable to their mistakes
(Saturday) this was day 3 of vomiting over& over this ungodly smell, literally smelt like sewage +experiencing bad pain in his stomach/ lower back. When he elevated his body he had trouble being able to breath. He informed hospital about a surgery he had 3 months previous because he fractured a disk in his back, and he felt that his pain might be from twisting his back again. My husband called emergency room. Spoke to a nurse, informed her of bad hernias he has had on stomach the size of bowling balls/they were the result of ruptured ulcers 6 years previous which we thought he had infection in his blood from these that has been left untreated. The nursesaid they would take x rays of his stomach/he was being admitted overnight, gave our cell phone number to add on file... a hour later he was home.
Returned to hospital by ambulance with the same symptoms, he was scheduled Tuesday morning for surgery to remove hernias. Sent him home
Monday same symptoms but worse, pain is worse/ breathing is very heavy because he cant get any oxygen. Periodically would start taking these panic attacks. Back to emerg and was kept overnight.
Tuesday Taken to surgery. Surgeon then sees the hernias are not the problem and sees that he has bacteria infection in his blood. Admitted to the ICU Tuesday, the hospital didn't contact the family
Wednesday ;day he died 1 pm we go to hospital to find my father in-law in the ICU. He was curled into the fetal position in bed. He was very uncomfortable and his abdominal area was hurting as well as his lower back.. ICU nurses told us he was there because he was dehydrated/ was given fluids by IV I proceeded to the 2 nurses this was way bigger then dehydration. His skin was visibly grey, shortness of breath, foul smell coming from him, we thought he might have infection that has went untreated. Nurses told us that didnt mean he had a infection, he was able to "control" his breathing when he started these "panic attacks" and asked if anyone was home if he were to be sent home. I ensured them if he was sent home he was coming right back by ambulance. The nurses knew nothing about his scheduled surgery that morning or why it was not completed. Realizing the nurses were no help we asked to talk to the doctor but he was not there took our number for him to call us
5 HOURS LATER my husband got a call from the ICU telling us to come in asap because his father status changed to critical. He passed away before we got there, then the doctor was back to talk to us and informed us he was in the ICU because he was full of infection not dehydration. And he didn't know what caused his death but he thought that there was inflammation around his heart.
How they did not find this infection til the morning he died, he had xrays and blood work done, the ICU did nothing to "detoxify" the infection from his body and I want to know why. How did the nurses not know about this infection. The hospital literally did nothing to prevent his death so my question:

What lawyer could I contact that will actually help me get answers why my dad was not helped when they found him full of infection and maybe get my story out to change the hospital for the next person that is neglected the help they deserve by the QEH
I dont have the financial ability to pay a lawyer out of my pocket is there any other options such as subsidy for lawyers, or pro bono?

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 Post subject: Re: does PEI have pro bono lawyers or subsidy?
PostPosted: October 8th, 2016, 4:47 pm 
Almost an Islander

Joined: November 16th, 2014, 12:56 am
Posts: 286
Your best bet will be to call everyone you can.

I honestly feel for your loss but I don't think you are going to have a lot of success getting a lawyer to take on this case.

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 Post subject: Re: does PEI have pro bono lawyers or subsidy?
PostPosted: December 6th, 2017, 2:41 am 
Newly Created Account

Joined: December 6th, 2017, 2:22 am
Posts: 1
All I can say is good luck with any lawyer on PEI even giving you 5 minutes with this.... the shitty thing about living in a small place, all the doctors, lawyers and police stick together... ( or the hospital has dealings with every law firm In town so none can take u as a client do to conflict of interest) I had a situation where the doctors ignored me nearly killed me admitted their mistakes, you think that would be enough! I went to a lawyer only he woulda had to mail everything, all my records to Toronto and then tried to tell me even if I won my case, I might get $10,000 and asked if it would be worth it because then I’d basically be black listed and no other doctor on PEI would treat me or my kids for suing. So yea the system here is a big Effin JOKE!! The lawyers and judges and police shouldn’t even be able to socialize together in such a small town, no one has a fair chance here, and unfortunately no one realizes how corrupt the system is until they have to deal with it.

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