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 Post subject: Looming NHL Lockout
PostPosted: September 7th, 2012, 7:46 am 
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Man, little Gary Bettman and the team owners are using a very heavy hand in their negotiations with the NHLPA.

Aside from asking the players to take an across-the-board cut in their share of revenues from 57 to 43 percent (but last week the NHL tweaked its proposal to have the players get a 46 percent share over a six-year deal), the NHL is also seeking to place severe limits on free agency while also abolishing players' rights to salary arbitration.

The union has questioned the NHL as to why it is attempting to have players bear much of the burden of cost savings, especially after the league reported record revenues of $3.1 billion last season.

The union revised its initial offer by proposing to restructure the fourth and final year of its initial offer. The NHLPA says it is willing to give back between $465 million and $800 million in revenue over the first three years of the deal as long as the system switches back to the existing agreement in the fourth year. And it is still asking NHL owners to establish a revenue sharing program to help struggling teams.

My question is, Why is the league using such a big stick? The league is making record profits. The last time the owners locked out the players the NHLPA eventually caved in to the agreement that the owners wanted. Now the owners are claiming that agreement was too one-sided in favor of the players. Excuse me? The owners drew it up!!! The NHLPA totally caved in to the owners demands last go round. If the previous agreement sucked, how can the side that got everything that they wanted in that previous agreement claim the other side now needs to put more water in their wine or there is not going to be any professional hockey this year.

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