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Author:  Ex-racer [ November 6th, 2010, 1:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Cable Head West - - -

on the North Shore of PEI in the late '40s.

Some of the things I remember:-

- Wondering who carved the initials, pictures, and 'graffiti' into the old double desks, and what year it was done.

- Taking my turn carrying water from the nearest neighbor to fill the drinking fountain each day.

- Going to school an hour early to light the fire in the coal stove. Got paid $75 per winter, and supplied my own kindling.

- Bicycle races around the school at recess. We'd remove the seat and 'fabricate' one out of feed bags on the frame/rear fender to lower the center-of-gravity, and turn the handlebars upside down like a racing bike.

- Taking a 'break' from the routine boredom by going to the 'outhouse' even if I didn't need to. You could sit and listen to the birds singing and other sounds of the community, or read something 'interesting' from the supply of 'reading material'. :lol: 8 or 10 minutes was about the max before they might think there was something wrong and come looking for you.


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