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Lunch Soup and Sandwich at St. James Gate for $9.95 [Remind Me]

Supper 25 Cent Wings at Hunter's Ale House for $0.25 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Taco Tuesday at The Factory Cookhouse & Dancehall for $2.00 [Remind Me]

All Day Special $7.95 Burgers at St. James Gate for $7.95 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Jaeuck(Pork & Rice) at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $9.87 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Hot Hamburger at Brits Fish and Chips for $9.95 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Chicken bokkeum at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $10.98 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Dolsot Bibimbap at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $11.98 [Remind Me]

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The Guardian
Islanders should vote for better social climate, says union leader
Tall ships leave Charlottetown in grand style
Gasoline, furnace oil and diesel prices remain unchanged
RCMP find children in back seat of car stopped for speeding, drunk driver
Three escape unhurt from Pisquid fire
Police nab three drunk drivers in Prince County Saturday
Shania Twain gives fans show of a lifetime on Charlottetown waterfront
An eight hour wait is nothing for a true Shania Twain fan
William Henry Pope statue unveiled at Peakes Quay
Push on to grow charter fishing business in P.E.I.
CBC News
Green crab may soon be a diner's delight
Rudder issue cuts ferry crossings between P.E.I, N.S.
2 kids in car of man arrested for impaired driving
Car strikes house after driver loses control on curve
Shania Twain is still the one for 22,000 on P.E.I.
Halibut-tracking test hopes to prove quota increase needed
Moncton RCMP fund gets boost from Confederation Bridge fundraiser
ATV crash could lead to charges for 14-year-old boy
Texting and driving fines could triple on P.E.I.
N.B. lawyers demanding change in Trinity Western decision
Latest PEI Updates (Courtesy of PEIBlogs.com)
The Guardian - Sports: UPEI teams see pre-season action in soccer, rugby, field hockey
The Guardian - Sports: Mingrone joins UPEI Panthers' coaching staff
The Guardian - Sports: Rower from P.E.I., Canadian teammates finish sixth at worlds
The Guardian - Sports: Ontario team wins masters men's fast pitch crown
A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald): [FORUM] What do you do when the world is getting you down?
A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald): [BLOG] Five blog links about the Canadian National Exhibition
PEIinfo.ca | New Topics: Outlaner (101 Words)
Pedaling PEI: Monday ride
A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald): [PHOTO] A lobster roll and more at Bakin' Donuts, Summerside
Journal-Pioneer Sports: Carrera Angel wins feature
Aiken House & Gardens: A Friendship Tea
justpictureit: Mystery Drops
The Guardian - Sports: Carrera Angel upsets field to win Labour Day feature in Summerside
Journal-Pioneer Living: Spirit of Chautauqua coming to three Island communities
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FaaizAkmal (fäïż) - RT @AllBlacks: Quite the sight at @AllBlacks training today! http://t.co/DlQkIBQ9II
__oby () - RT @Cole_it_is: @ravenskyyy = cinnamon apple
trendoaNZ (Trendoa New Zealand) - 1673 active users on the last 5 minutes are retaining 'Welbeck' as trending topic in New Zealand http://t.co/zZP3Svs375
MistOptics (Melissa) - @MadScientist212 Too shy for that, lol. Thought for sure I'd get whatever Tomoko is.
katrina_hands (Katrina) - @StaceyHolden25 I really hate that! then when it's time to actually get up, you feel reaallly sleepy! Lots of coffee needed!
EdNZ (Ed Strafford) - RT @studentsnz: As the voting period for the General Election starts tomorrow students are well placed to punch above their weight http://…
SoonLeeNZ (Soon Lee) - @grahamsleight @JonathanStrahan After September 20 for me... http://t.co/Sp1MI0TQuU
DMace8 (Donna Mace) - RT @Dianne_Khan: Feeding School Kids - Let's play spot the difference http://t.co/2Eg4MRWebc via @Dianne_Khan
justicesonlaw (Paul Chambers) - RT @NZStuff: On your marks.... John Key and David Cunliffe getting ready to go http://t.co/f39Uc3iQJY http://t.co/KHlbbMKFsk
mamaliterati (mama/literati) - @USOuljah Did you hear about this piece of shit? http://t.co/y9scvXpE9j
bensmithnz (Ben Smith) - @nzthiago #beastmode meat!
richardgreenhou (richard sutton) - RT @LilianHarry: For pity's sake, get those two out of Spanish jail & back with son, & let them go to Prague where they want to pay for his…
Nikiwiki3565 (Niki Wilson) - RT @AllBlacks: Quite the sight at @AllBlacks training today! http://t.co/DlQkIBQ9II
SlyGuild (SLY GUILD) - Cedric wearing the White All Over Print Longsleeve #slyguild #nzfw http://t.co/mUpmm70Fxe
GripGripCricket (GripGrip Cricket) - RT @Tomlatham2: Any problem with your grip riding up. Get your hands on some @GripGripCricket wonderful stuff, well worth it #cricket #prob…

Your Horoscope () [Customize Horoscope]
Your childlike nature will surface and you will be in a playful mood. Unexpected bills will increase financial burden. Today if a family member gets on your nerves- be sure to set limits before the situation gets out of hand. Give tiny bits of kindness and love to make it a special day. You will spend an awesome time with your spouse. Each moment will bring you closer. A day for cautious moves- when your mind would be needed more than your heart.
The Globe & Mail: Report on Business Headlines [Customize Headlines]
Fast-food workers plan nationwide protest Thursday
The campaign to get fast-food workers paid at least $15 a hour resumes later this week.

How celebrities' nude photos get leaked
Read full story for latest details.

Russia's ruble at lowest level ever as new sanctions loom
Read full story for latest details.

3 things to know about the biggest IPO in a long time
Chinese tech giant Alibaba is gearing up for a market debut that could set new records. Now that it's just around the corner, here are three things you need to know before the big splash:

Russian bank offers cats with mortgages
Read full story for latest details.

Big protests are coming to Hong Kong's financial district
The stage has been set for major pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong's financial district following a decision by Beijing to restrict voting reforms in the city of seven million.

Why Buffett's son bought Rosa Parks archive
Read full story for latest details.

Sports betting vs. the stock market
Sports gamblers have lots in common with stock market investors.

The Coolest Kickstarter ever raises over $13 million
Read full story for latest details.

A&E deal would price Vice at $2.5 billion
Read full story for latest details.

Friday Links
Read full story for latest details.

American, US Air tickets back on Orbitz
That was fast. American Airlines tickets are back on Orbitz.

Wall Street bets on prison growth from border crisis
There's a crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, and Wall Street is betting that it will result in a boom for private prisons.

Tesla expands in China. Stock at all-time high
Tesla shares hit an all-time high Friday after the electric carmaker announced plans to build 400 charging points in China.

America's cheapest gas is in this town
You think the gas near you is getting cheaper? Try filling up in the South Carolina city of Rock Hill.

The economic cost of the war in Gaza
The cost of rebuilding in Gaza after seven weeks of shelling and bombardment is expected to total between $4 billion and $6 billion.

Denny's aimed at 1% opens in New York with $300 Grand Slam
Read full story for latest details.

4 reasons why you shouldn't fear September
Read full story for latest details.

A dozen McDonald's outlets closed in Russia
Read full story for latest details.

Slow Comcast speeds were costing Netflix customers
Why did Netflix pay Comcast to stream its videos faster? Because Netflix was losing customers.