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Lunch Sunday Brunch at Rodd Royalty for $16.95 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Jaeuck(Pork & Rice) at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $9.87 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Hot Hamburger at Brits Fish and Chips for $9.95 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Chicken bokkeum at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $10.98 [Remind Me]

All Day Special Dolsot Bibimbap at Seoul Food Restaurant(Cafe) for $11.98 [Remind Me]

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The Guardian
Roseneath man charged for not providing breath sample
Charlottetown closing in on water meter goal
President’s Choice recalls pasta sauce from P.E.I. stores
Election signs destroyed in Stratford as advance polling underway
Charlottetown police put Florida training to use
Summerside man charged with impaired driving
Fire departments practicing today in full emergency mode
Advance polls today in Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford, Cornwall
Woman who buys close to $5,000 with stolen card gets 45 days
Singer/songwriter Irish Mythen creates buzz with strong voice, banter
CBC News
Looking for a scary good time? Check out this P.E.I. haunted house
Patrick Ross municipal election sign destroyed overnight
Small Business Saturday encourages local business
Some President's Choice brand pasta sauce recalled
A weekend in the Maritimes, as seen by you
Teen dies in Waterville, New Brunswick crash
Man, 42, stabbed multiple times in downtown Moncton
Shots fired near Halifax's Hemlock Ravine Park
Man shot in back in Halifax attempted robbery
Halifax man charged after RCMP officer nearly run over
Latest PEI Updates (Courtesy of PEIBlogs.com)
Journal-Pioneer Sports: The new kids on the block have high school volleyball all figured out
Journal-Pioneer Sports: Caps fall on the road
The Guardian - Sports: Brassard the first star as Remparts down Islanders
Journal-Pioneer Sports: Brassard the first star as Remparts down Islanders
Latest Twitter Updates
annapickett12 (Anna Pickett) - RT @kaaringnz: Smart grid cld be reality for #gigatowngis with UFB
NZoncers (New Zealand Oncers) - “@jenmorrisonlive: Day 60: nose kisses from ava between takes... #101Smiles #UglyDuckings http://t.co/GRFyK9l1rD”
pacingthinking (fleur) - Just found out the track I'm running tomorrow is named after "walking worms which spit on their prey before devouring" N O P E
Slimey101_ (Slimey101) - @md__5 YAY!
IsosConcepts (Isos / Designer) - @NaiveGlide
safonova_ag (Алла Сафонова) - RT @Oswaldo_Brasil: @safonova_ag @thesirenofangel @franvierstein @RathourTejpal @adaliadnan @Kilmetro @varshu9999 @Chestnut_J @patluna @nig…
SavsPlace (Savanna Manning) - @MarbleMelNZ send it through fb
davecochrane (Dave) - @ebryantnz Just noticed you did the Continental ride - epic jealousy!!! Looks like a hard but most excellent few days.
SimpelVerbeter (Simpel Verbeteren) - RT @NewZealandNow: Home to nearly one third of NZ's population, Auckland is also the base for many world-leading, innovative... http://t.co…
cartermackenzie (Beth Manning) - @BaileyAlice95 @summoner2100 @Redtheabnormal I'm so sore too. So glad to be resting at home now. Have fun tomorrow. :-)
aebradley (Alex Bradley) - @lonelysharks when you back biatch!!! You can come drink at 8:30
IsosConcepts (Isos / Designer) - @NaiveGenie
femkesvs (Femke) - @josiahwiebe gorgeous
NZtravels (Sue Jepson) - Amazing what flies under radar in #gigatownnsn - https://t.co/IGvRWi9tGJ How much more could we do globally with 1Gbps?
CannibalCartoon (Matthew Kills) - @MightyDelemma I consider it my DIVINE PURPOSE TO EDUCATE THE MASSES on the GOOD THAT IS REBOOT.

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A beneficial day to work on things that will improve your health. Use your innovative idea to make some extra money. News of family secret may surprise you. You will be popular and easily attract members of the opposite sex. You might have a stressful relationship with your spouse. Do not drag the issue any further. Excellent day for social as well as religious functions.
The Globe & Mail: Report on Business Headlines [Customize Headlines]
NYC tabloids keep a straight face on Ebola
New York City's tabloids are known for headlines like "Headless Body In Topless Bar," "Ford to City: Drop Dead and "Derek Eater." But they played it straight when it was time to report that Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for Ebola Thursday night.

The Ebola stocks: Effect of an outbreak
Read full story for latest details.

The best time to book your holiday flight is...
Read full story for latest details.

Can Facebook live up to the hype?
Read full story for latest details.

Airbag recall could expand
Read full story for latest details.

Friday Links
Read full story for latest details.

Is the U.S. holding too much oil in reserve?
Does America have too much oil in its reserves?

Honda CEO takes $47,000 pay cut over recalls
Read full story for latest details.

Cable customers startled by 'Emergency Alerts'
With the threats of Ebola and ISIS, Americans are arguably a bit on edge. So it probably didn't help that many AT&T U-verse users saw a strange alert from the White House early Friday.

Bezos: The Grinch that stole Amazon's Xmas
Read full story for latest details.

Carl Icahn to Taj Mahal casino workers: I'm from the mean streets of Queens
Read full story for latest details.

EU pledges 1 billion euros to fight Ebola
Read full story for latest details.

Tumblr CEO: I'm still in charge here
Read full story for latest details.

P&G to spin off Duracell
Procter & Gamble is splitting off the Duracell battery business.

'SNL' interns reach $6.4 million settlement with NBCUniversal
Read full story for latest details.

Brits may get paid for losing weight
Read full story for latest details.

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open
Look out below!

China one of top 3 destinations for expats
Many Chinese want to swap Beijing pollution for greener foreign shores, but it seems plenty of expats are happy to head in the opposite direction.

Wall Street delivers bad news to Amazon
Amazon's shareholders are fed up.

How to avoid homebuyer's remorse
Read full story for latest details.