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The Guardian
Parties now full swing in campaign mode
Charlottetown Future Shop to re-open as Best Buy
Hazle Grove man dies in tractor rollover
Little Sands monastic academy holding open house today
Brown nominated as District 13 Liberal candidate
Accident closes section of Route 2 in Hazelgrove
Lantz going province-wide Saturday
Man trapped in vehicle suffers leg injury
Four teens in dramatic crash 
No tax increase in Charlottetown as council approves budget
CBC News
Buddhist monks in Little Sands holding Saturday open house
Farm tractor rollover kills Island man
Future Shop stores closed across Canada, some to rebrand as Best Buy
NDP Leader Mike Redmond
More snow ahead for Maritimes, Nova Scotia to be hardest hit
World men's curling championship kicks off in Halifax
Tax time 2015: 6 ways that deferring tax credits, deductions can pay off
Earth Hour: 4 things to know about the annual environmental event
Charlottetown's $5.6M palliative care centre opens
All school buses likely to run Monday
Latest PEI Updates (Courtesy of PEIBlogs.com)
The Guardian - Sports: Gough, Scott, MacMillan named UPEI athletes of the year
justpictureit: Reality
Journal-Pioneer Sports: Panthers celebrate season
PEIinfo.ca | New Topics: What's up with bacon these days??? (225 Words)
redlikeme.ca: Retired CBC Executive Makes Out Fine as Opportunist, Now ‘Helping’ Rob Lantz
The Guardian - Sports: Darcy leads Phoenix to 7-3 win over Charlottetown
Journal-Pioneer Sports: Darcy leads Phoenix to 7-3 win over Charlottetown
The Guardian - Sports: Blizzard knocks off Panthers in junior C semifinal
Journal-Pioneer Sports: Blizzard knocks off Panthers in junior C semifinal
Pedaling PEI: Snow blower
Journal-Pioneer Local: Championship gymnastics
A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald): [CAT] On the cat island of Aoshima, Japan
The Guardian - Local News: Parties now full swing in campaign mode
A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald): [CAT] "Music Made for Cats Wins Feline Approval"
A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald): [CAT] "Bubba the cat found after 40 days under snow-covered deck"
A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald): [BRIEF NOTE] On the demise of Future Shop
Journal-Pioneer Local: Fatal tractor accident
PEIinfo.ca | New Topics: Home theater speakers & receiver question (202 Words)
PEIinfo.ca | New Topics: Pot holes (62 Words)
peistormchaser: Flurries expected tonight into early tomorrow across PEI..
Latest Twitter Updates
derekfrancis1 (Derek ) - I make drinking coolers Manley
pilldude (Jeff Jardine) - @Stacerella @ArleneDickinson tough thing is Canada is smaller margin so need even larger volume of sales. Poor dollar now would have helped
derekfrancis1 (Derek ) - I once took out a Amish fight club
pilldude (Jeff Jardine) - @Stacerella @ArleneDickinson they Target did not do their market research like Wal-Mart and Home Depot etc that #makeitwork Target failed
derekfrancis1 (Derek ) - I can make lemonade out of lemons
derekfrancis1 (Derek ) - I'm level 60 8th prestige hit me up lady's
jnmackay73 (Jamie MacKay) - OK, Butch Miller is pretty damn funny! #bushwhackers #WWEHOF
pilldude (Jeff Jardine) - "@DarrenClarke60: 3.18am and I'm in the gym....think I must have issues!!! 😂😂 http://t.co/q6y0pejDy6"you look like a million bucks Mr Clarke
haylarsenault09 (Hαyley) - i sometimes express my anger by cursing, or always😁
pilldude (Jeff Jardine) - "@FamaiSteve: Leafs hit new low and win ! Can't even loose right !"or lose even
pilldude (Jeff Jardine) - @theScore we are on fire #oneinarow
pilldude (Jeff Jardine) - "@normmacdonald: And The Irish trying to get through to the final four. Can they hold up? 8 minutes remain."nope nice effort though
pilldude (Jeff Jardine) - "@sportsrage: i like this auguste kid a lot"he definitely is #NBAready just like #Winslow #Decker #Kaminsky #Okafor should make own team
crawdingle (Dr. Dingle) - .@TheTimMcGraw Luv ya, Tim.
pilldude (Jeff Jardine) - "@sportsrage: never thought i would be tweeting about cricket wagers with @BrianBlessing lol."did you hit your head bro ??

Your Horoscope () [Customize Horoscope]
Do some mental exercise by reading something interesting. Not a good day to make investments and go in to the speculation. Spend some relaxed moments with family members. You will know today that the love of your partner is truly soulful for you. Business partners behave supportive and you work together to complete pending jobs. You need to take extra care of your luggage if you are travelling today. If you were craving for the love of your spouse, the day will bless you.
The Globe & Mail: Report on Business Headlines [Customize Headlines]
'Things will not change' after sex bias verdict without push
Read full story for latest details.

Angie's List halts Indiana expansion over anti-gay law
Add Angie's List to the roster of companies and business interests taking a stand against Indiana's new anti-gay law.

The activist nun reforming profit-prisons
Some of America's most controversial companies -- for profit prisons -- have unlikely owners: nuns.

'Ask SeaWorld' marketing campaign backfires
SeaWorld, it appears, has more outspoken enemies than friends on Twitter.

Pebble Time Kickstarter project raised $20.3 million
Read full story for latest details.

Google strikes back at Wall Street Journal - with a laughing baby
Google is tearing into a recent Wall Street Journal report that claimed Google had gotten away with abusing its monopoly power.

It's official: Kleiner Perkins wins gender bias case
Read full story for latest details.

Janet Yellen: U.S. economy not good enough yet
Read full story for latest details.

First U.S. penny sold for $1.2 million
Read full story for latest details.

More undocumented workers moving into management
A growing number of undocumented immigrants are landing managerial positions. At the same time, fewer are doing jobs that require manual labor.

Lena Dunham slammed for 'Dog or Jewish boyfriend?' quiz
Read full story for latest details.

Anti-email startup Slack got hacked
Read full story for latest details.

Mercedes-Benz to make a pickup truck
Mercedes-Benz plans to sell a midsized pickup truck by 2020, the luxury automaker announced Friday, calling it "the first pickup from a premium manufacturer."

Google and Johnson & Johnson partner up for hi-tech surgery
Google and Johnson & Johnson want to join forces to give hospital surgeons smarter, more powerful robotic tools.

Lululemon's smash new hit: Pants with manhood in mind
Read full story for latest details.

WrestleMania 31 is coming. Time to buy WWE stock?
Shares of WWE are up more than 30% so far in 2015

Would pilotless planes make sense?
Read full story for latest details.

Germanwings crash compensation: What we know
Read full story for latest details.

19 stocks to buy now
Read full story for latest details.

3 things I learned investing thousands of dollars of The Motley Fool's money
Read full story for latest details.